Thursday, June 11, 2015

Day One

Brad and I left the house this morning for another big trip.  42 days this time and we could not be more excited to hit the open road again. We have been talking for the last year about how amazing our last trip was and we were so excited to do it again.  Our first stop was to visit our good friends Jason and Katie.  They were our first stop on last years trip also!  Jason had gotten a job in Taos, NM this past year so we now had a new location for our first stop. The best part was that Katie had just moved to Taos to be with Jason. 
We left the house at 5:30 am and set out for Taos. We had a 13 hour drive ahead of us. This will be the longest drive of the whole trip. The van ran beautifully!! We were extremely pleased by this. We were cruising through Kansas and Colorado. We then hit a mountain pass that was pretty brutal, but we made it. We did go a solid 25 mph the whole way up, but we did not mind enjoying the amazing mountain view for a little longer :) 
The mountain driving was slow but breathtaking. We crossed into New Mexico and saw wild horses and goats. 
We finally arrived at Jason and Katie's place. It was refreshing the see those two. We went out for dinner at Eske's brewery and pub. We ordered flights of beer and had an amazing dinner. We sat outside and enjoyed the beautiful weather and the great company. We had several laughs and a wonderful time. 

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