Monday, April 21, 2014

Tuned up and ready for the open road!

Back at it again!
I took the Westy to my house the other day. It was horrific. It took a full mile to get up to 60 mph.
The next day I took it to my friends house to figure out what was going on.
Come to find out the timing was way off. So, we messed with it and ended up at 34 degrees. It was like night and day. I no longer think that a motor swap is in my future for a few years now. It went up hills great and drove wonderfully.
It was then my wife's turn to try driving it. She liked it a lot. The cab over design takes some getting used to and the non-power steering is quite heavy. But over all she liked it a lot.
My wife and I took it to her parents to show them the home we would have for over a month this summer. They liked it.

This last week my dad and I installed the new Gowesty 3 window tent. It was a pain at the rear and all the corners. But, it will make all the difference when camping.
Roof Off
Convertible Shot

New Tent And My Dad

Looking Good
Mounted The Roof Back On
Photo Of Me
All Done