Monday, December 8, 2014

Catch Up and Planing!!

Well everyone, its been awhile. We have been back to real life working, school,working more. We still think about this trip we had everyday. It was an amazing time.

Chelsea has been Teaching and coaching girls basketball. I have been working, going to school and brewing beer. We went out to Denver twice this summer after our big trip. We went out for Riotfest, saw some great bands over the 3 day festival.We had a great time staying with my uncle and aunt.
A month later we went back for the Great American Beer fest. My friend Mitch worked at the competition so he got us the highly sought after tickets; I heard they sold out in less then a hour. There were 720 plus breweries to try! It was amazing time. We also went to 6 breweries while there: Odell brewing, Great divide brewing, Funkworks, Equinox Brewing, New Belgium brewing, and Epic brewing.

We are now getting planing started on where we want to go this next summer. Right now it looks like Colorado to Utah to New Mexico to Home.An my dad might join us of the Utah section! This trip will not be as long, expansive or expensive (hopefully) but we are still overly excited to go and see some more of the country. Hope you follow along as we continue are travels.

Thank you every one for following and commenting!