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So I've  been getting a lot of questions about the awning that I made.

What I used
Equinox egret tarp

tent stakes

Para cord

Adjustable tent poles

Washers, eye hooks, bolts, and nuts from Home Depot.

Step 1. Cut the eye hooks down to size.
Step 2. Drill holes in the rain gutter of the van.(not as scary as you think.)
Step 3. Put a rust inhibitor on the bare metal.
Step 4. Assemble the eye hook with a nut on top then a washer. Place though the nicely made hole. Put some sealant of silicone so the rain gutter can still do it's job. Then a washer on bottom of the gutter followed by the last nut.
Step 5. Put tarp on the hook. Then measure where the back eye hook should be. Make it so the tarp will be nice and tight.
Step 6 repeat step 1-4 at the rear.
Step 8. Put it up. Place the adjustable tent poles at the out side corners and use the para cord and tent stakes to stabilize everything. 
Step 9. mark where other holes  of tarp lay. Drill two more holes. 
Step 10. cut head off bolts to turn them into a piece of all thread. place washer and nuts on bottom and top to secure them to the car
Step 9 enjoy.

Around $120 you can have a nice awning. It might not be as nice as those ones you can buy, but those run $500-$2000

Some photos:

Before and after cutting down to work.

front mount

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