Sunday, April 19, 2015

We are at it again!

We are at it again! This morning Brad and I spent 4 hours planning our next big trip.  We worked out 30 stops backed full of adventure.  It will be a 42 day trip this time covering Kansas, New Mexico, Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming and South Dakota.  3,260 miles!!!  We are staying a little closer to home this time, but I have a feeling it will just as memorable as our first time around. 
Some big stops that we are super excited for include Mesa Verde, Rocky Mountain National Park and Badlands.  We will also be seeing some of our amazing friends and wonderful family members.
Needless to say we are super excited and have asked each other several times today if we could leave tomorrow :)

Brad is still crossing off things on his van to-do list, but we are optimistic that the list will be complete before June 10th!


Four Page Itinerary 

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