Sunday, June 14, 2015

Chimayo and Bandelier NM

Today was a great day!
The morning was nice and calm.  Nothing exciting.  Jason whipped us up a little breakfast and we hit the road for Chimayo.  We took a long scenic drive that gave us a great mountain view.  We arrived at Chimayo which is a very famous holy site.
We visited the spots and enjoyed the beauty of the place.  The main church was very beautiful and interesting.  It started to rain, so we hit a few more places and then headed to the car.  We decided to have lunch and wait out the rain.  We went to a Mexican restaurant and we all ate way too much!  It was delicious.  We rolled ourselves back out to the car and started our 40 min drive to Bandelier National Monument.  We hiked the main loop which was about 3 miles.  We got to see amazing cliff dwellings dating back 11,000 years ago.  We also spotted several petroglyphs along the soft cliff rock.  We got to climb up and into several cliff dwellings.  This was a really cool experience!  We then hiked over to the large Alcove House.  This was a ceremony site WAY up in the cliff.  We had to climb several sets of stairs and four tall wooden ladders to get to up there. It was 140 feet of ladders.  This was so much fun!  The crooked wooden ladders made the experience even better!
Once we made it up to the large room, we sat down for a bit and enjoyed the amazing view.  There was a huge Kiva up at the top.
We hiked back down and took a wonderful hike through the wooded area to get back to the visitor's center.
We drove back to Taos and decided to take some showers and have a little snack.  We then headed to the local movie theater and got our minds blown by the new Jurassic Park Movie.
Another great hike today!  Brad and I had big, stupid smiles on our faces all day because this is what we truly love to do!


One of four ladders


The Gorge
One of many roads traveled

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