Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Hovenweep National Monument

Brad and I are really going with the flow this trip.  Last year we stuck to our rigid schedule because had reservations and places to be.  This year we are stopping and thinking about what we really want to do and cut/add if need be.
Today we woke up at the KOA and decided to make our way to Hovenweep National Monument.  http://www.nps.gov/hove/index.htm - Check it out!
This was about an hour away and a very scenic drive.  We pulled up and talked to a ranger inside and decided to do the 2 mile loop around the canyon.  This took us to all the buildings and the towers in this canyon.  It was amazing to see amazing towers still standing after 700 years.  These buildings were a little different than the ancestral Pueblo buildings we have seen.  There was a huge, square tower towards the center.  No one known what was held in the tower, but many do think they were guarding something in that tower.  There was also a boulder house that was unusual compared to the other homes we have seen.  This was a very neat place.  The trail took us all the way along the canyon ridge and then took us to the canyon floor and back up.  Fun little hike.  I had forgotten how hot it gets around this area!  We are not far from the four corners area, but we are technically in Utah for the time being.  Brad made the mistake of tempting me about going back to Canyonlands.  This was hard to turn down, but new adventure lie ahead!

After hiking at Hovenweep, we headed to the Hovenweep campground.  This is a very nice campground that does not offer all of the luxuries of the prior stop.  This is way ok with us!  We have a great view and there is a total of maybe four sites occupied.  Way better than the hundreds of people at our last stop :)
We took a little nap, had some amazing Brad grilled cheese, read a little and are enjoying the view of our little canyon and the beautiful Sleeping Ute Mountain!

More pictures to come later as soon as we have wifi!

Happy 3 Year Anniversary Nate and Taylor! XOXO

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