Saturday, June 14, 2014

Zion day 2. 6/14/14

Today was our second day in Zion. We woke up a little later than unsual this morning and loved the cool morning air. We had cereal for breakfast and just relaxed.  We got ourselves ready and walked down to the shuttle to head up to the trail head for the Hidden Canyon.

Hidden Canyon was a 1.5 mile hike up a steep cliff. There were several switch backs going up and we worked our butts off to make it to the top. We took frequent breaks and drank our water on the way up. Most of the trip up was not difficult, just steep.  Once we got to the top, we had to walk along the edges of the cliffs.  Scary.  Let's just say I did not look down often. When I did look down it was gorgeous though!  We kept hiking (carefully) and eventually made it to the canyon. The canyon was about a half a mile walk with huge bolders and lots of sand.  Along the canyon we met two owls. One came swooping towards us at about waist level and did not look like it was going to stop. About two feet away from us, the owl decided to fly straight up  into a tree.  It was so pretty.  We hiked a little farther and then found the other owl. He was sitting in a tree right at eye level and was very calm and tired. We stared at him for a while and appreciated his beauty. We continued to hike until we hit the end of the canyon. There was a sign telling us that we could not go any further due to the sensitive wildlife after that point. We were disappointed that we could not continue but we turned around and headed back. We hiked back down and about mid way we found a shady spot and ate our sandwiches that we had packed. The rest of the way down was not bad at all. This hike definitely prepared us for the big hike tomorrow morning. 

We got back on the shuttle and headed to the lodge where Brad bought me some icecream :) we then headed back down to the visitors center and had to stop for ice. We got our bags of ice and then headed to camp. We were pretty tired from the three hour hike we had done. We got to camp and I took a quick nap while Brad enjoyed some quiet time and a few beers. We then made some dinner and enjoyed the beautiful breeze we had this evening. It was a relaxing night and a fun one. 

Another great day in Zion. Tomorrow is a big day for us (mostly me).  Angels landing!!!
These phone pics are not the best, but they will do for now! 

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  1. Beautiful! You guys are kicking butt on those trails!