Monday, June 9, 2014

Brighter days are here

Good news...  We can continue on!!!!
This morning we woke up still in Highlands Ranch.  Brad installed yet another part on the van and decided that we better take it to a shop to really make sure the van could make it through this trip. We said our goodbyes and thank yous to Tim and Marylee and headed to Colorado Springs. We found a shop in Colorada Springs that was only about 25 minutes away from Uncle Stu's and Aunt Melissa's. They were our next stop so that worked out great. We talked to the gentlemen at the shop and he did a few things to the engine and then took it on a test drive with Brad. The work that Brad and Tim had done really made a difference.  The shop worker told us that our van was running the way it should be. The best part was that we were getting better gas mileage!!!!  We took his words as our o.k to continue our trip. 

We left the shop with a great sense of relief. Although the van was still slow, it was running the way it should and would get us to our destinations. The destination for today was Melissa and Stu's amazing home in Colorado Springs. They have one heck of a set up and an amazing view. We arrived at the house and were greeted by Stu. He have us the grand tour of the house and then took us out for lunch at his favorite restaurant.  The Airplane Restaurant was one of the most unique places we have ever eaten at. We walked in and were seated inside a real plane. This plane was  right next to the building outside while the wing of the plane protruded through the building. It had so many neat pictures and displays to see and really great food. We enjoyed great conversation and a tour of the restaurant. 

After leaving lunch, we headed to the Garden of the Gods. This was absolutely stunning. We walked through the trails and saw some great sights. This was just what we needed to enjoy our stress being gone. We also saw the balanced rock and the steamboat rock. Both so cool. This was a great adventure. 

We left the Garden of the Gods and took a drive through a small and unique town. Our tour of the area was great and we headed back to the house to wait for Aunt Melissa to come home. We then went to dinner at a brewery called Phantom Canyon Brewery. Great beers, great food, even better family time. We took a stroll around the downtown area to walk off some of the beers and food. We enjoyed the neat setup and it reminded us of the Old Market back home. To finish the evening, we stop at a liquor store and found some really unique and local beers.  We went back to the house and cracked open a few beers and enjoyed eachothers company. 

What an amazing day we had today. We did not have to end our dream trip and we got to catch up and enjoy our wonderful family. Melissa and Stu have been so welcoming and down right delightful. One day was definitely too short of a stay with them, but we will be back soon!  Thank you for EVERYTHING you two!  <3 

Goodnight - Chelsea  

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  1. Glad to hear the van is running good again! Great photos!