Friday, June 6, 2014

And so it begins...

Greetings all!
    Last night we had several of our closest friends drop by the house to see us before we left.  We enjoyed some drinks and laughs that will hold us over until we return.  xoxo
This morning we set out for the trip we have been dreaming about for a long time.  4:00am came quick, but we both jumped out of bed and got ready to leave.  We loaded the rest of our stuff into the vanagon and kissed our pets goodbye.  
    Today's trip was to Greensburg, Kansas to visit our dear friend Jason.  This was a seven hour drive with some dull scenery.  The van drove great other than the gas tank, which was giving us trouble.  Brad is currently outside trying to figure out what is going on with it.  Update to follow.  The van loved riding at 65-70 which was extremely surprising to me.  I drove quite a bit today and enjoyed every minute of it :)
   Jason has been working in Greensburg for the last few years and we finally had the chance to drive seven hours to see him.  If you have not heard about this town, it is really neat.  Google it.  In 2007, Greensburg was destroyed by a F5 tornado.  It is now a totally "green" town.  The town has been rebuilt as a sustainable community.  Very interesting!  Jason had always told us about the town and now we got to see it all.
    We arrived around 1:00pm and meet up with Jason at his place of work.  He gave us the grand tour of the Greensburg Greentown facility and it was super interesting.  We could tell that Jason is passionate about what he does and is super knowledgable about it.  
    Jason left work and took us to the largest hand dug well in the world.  It was very neat and we also got some history of the town too.  After leaving the well, we met up with Jason's wonderful girl friend Katie.  She manages the towns museum that was great to go through also.  We left and got some lunch at the local green bean cafe.  
    We grabbed our lunch togo and Jason drove us out to the Fromme-Birney Round Barn.  It was built in 1912 and is a 16 sided barn.  We enjoyed our lunch inside picnic style and looked through the cool barn.
   After leaving the barn, we took a drive out to see some awesome art.  There is a gentlemen that creates amazing pieces of metal art.  He has his sculptures displayed along the road and the highway.  They were so interesting and funky.  Some were controversial and some were just down right silly.  The four of us enjoyed strolling along the highway and admiring the art.  Then the rain started.  We had to walk back to the car in pouring down rain.  We enjoyed every minute of it :)
   We changed out of our wet clothes and headed to the meteorite museum.  This was a tiny little building that held so many meteorites and tons of information.  The woman running the museum, Sheila, was an absolute pleasure to be around.  She was so passionate about what her and her husband do and was very friendly.  We found out that Sheila was originally from Omaha, which was pretty cool.  This was a fun stop that we all enjoyed.  
    After leaving the meteorite museum, Kate let us back into her museum and made us some treats and laughs at the old fashioned soda fountain.  We headed back to Jason's house and he made us an amazing meal.  We had a great day with one of our oldest friends and one of our newest.  
    Thanks for showing us a great time in Greensburg, Kansas Jason and Katie! <3  

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  1. Awesome pictures! Sounds like you two are already living carefree which is awesome! Love you both and can't wait to continue reading about your adventures everyday!