Saturday, June 7, 2014

Long Day...

Last night I had posted about having problems with the gas tank.  Brad looked at it and decided that the fuel hoses on top of the tank were old and worn out.  He purchased more hose this morning at 7:30 and worked on it until about 10:30.  This was quite a process, but he finished it.  We left Greensburg around 11:30 with hopes of having better gas mileage and no gas smells.  This unfortunately did not happen.  8-10 mpg.  Countless stops at gas stations and curse while underneath the van was what this 7-8 hour trip consisted of.  We also had a lot trouble with power while driving the van.  These Colorado hills are not working for us.  At one point we were going up a hill at 20mph.  Not fun!  Not all of the hills were that bad, but most were around 30-40mph or as we called it crawling.  We brainstormed what the problem could be and contacted some people that could maybe give us some advice.  The best part of our day was arriving at our Uncle Tim's and Aunt MaryLee's home in Highland Ranch, CO.  They are always so welcoming of us and today was no exception.  We were greeted with big hugs and some ice cold beers.  This was just what we needed after a pretty stressful day.   We had a lovely dinner and great conversation.  Brad's cousin Brian and his girlfriend Rachel were over with their adorable baby Zoey.  She is almost one and is such a happy baby.  We enjoyed watching her run around and play.  The best part was to watch her grandpa and grandma interact with her.  They both adore her.  After dinner we had some dessert and Brain and his family headed home.  Brad and I were exhausted after our long day.  Our plans tomorrow consist of having breakfast with Tim and MaryLee and then the boys are going to work on the van for a bit to see if they can figure anything out.  My fingers are crossed that they figure out what is wrong or that they can take it somewhere to get it fixed so that we can continue our adventures.

Thank goodness for great family and beer!

XoXo- Chelsea 


  1. Is that mass air flow recently replaced still good and calibrated?

    1. The mass air flow was replaced when the motor was put in.But I will look at it and the plug/normal stuff this morning. If I can not figure it out the is a highly recommended shop only 10 miles from where I am now.