Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Redwoods State and National Park

We left Lassen Volcanic National Park and headed towards The Redwoods.  We had a nice drive to the park with some coastal views.  We stopped for lunch at Six Rivers Brewery.  This was a nice break from turkey sandwiches :)  We enjoyed beers and lunch but were a little upset with the terrible service we received there.  Even though it was a bad experience, nothing could change our good moods.  We could see the ocean, the van was running ok, and we were headed to a beautiful forest.

When we got to Redwoods, we found our site and set up camp.  Our campsite was awesome!  It was right along a beautiful creek.  We had the wonderful soundtrack of following waters and huge trees for two nights.  We had a normal evening of dinner, cards, and some really great conversation.  Who would have thought that after being together for almost eight years that we would still have stuff to talk about <3

The following morning, we woke up and made some breakfast.  We then got ready to head out on a hike for the day.  We took a hike suggested to us by a ranger.  We took a nice, light hike through the forests.  The trees were beyond huge and so beautiful.  We really enjoyed taking our time and enjoying the endless shade together.  We came along the "Big Tree" that had 1.) a height of 304 ft. 2.) a diameter of 21.6 ft  3.) a circumference of 68 ft  4.) an estimated age of 1500+ years.  It was pretty spectacular.  We kept hiking through and eventually finished the loop that lead us all the way back to the trail to the campsite.  We really enjoyed this light and enjoyable hike.

We finished the day with dinner and cards again by the creek.

<3 Chelsea

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