Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Crater Lake --> Portland

We left the Redwoods on the first and set out for Crater Lake.  We took a really neat dirt road that wound through another Redwood Park.  It was a fun drive through the park with more great scenery.  This detour was well worth the fifteen minutes we lost :)

We arrived at our destination of Crater Lake that was only a one night stay.  We did not anticipate doing much other than setting up camp, sleeping and seeing the lake in the morning before heading to Portland.  We did just that.  Brad had to fix a part on the van (imagine that!) and so we had to let the glue dry over night.  It was a relaxing stop for both of us. 

We woke up early and got ourselves ready to go.  We are getting really good at tearing down the van to get it ready to go.  We then drove up to the lake.  We found a couple of view points of that lake that were pretty incredible.  It was nice to have the early morning sun reflecting on the huge lake that used to be a volcano.  We were extremely intrigued by the huge island in the middle of the lake.  The island itself is also a volcano.  We found out that they have a boat that will take people to the island and you can hike to the top.  We decided that we will have to do that in our lifetime.  We made a deal to come back and then had to head out.  

We were on our way to Portland.   We stopped about 2 hours from Portland and had an amazing breakfast at IHOP.  We both appreciated the hardy breakfast and then regretted eating so much immediately after.  We then finished the drive to Portland and found a VW dealer not far from our hotel.  We were in need of an oil change at this point.  We got in right away and hung out in the air conditioned and wifi filled lounge.  

Now everyone is up to date!!!  Thanks for following our adventure!  We still have 11 days left until we are back in HOMAHA! 


This is one of my favorite photos from the 2014 trip

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