Friday, March 7, 2014

The Westy has made its travels to Nebraska

Its here!!
It is a little rougher then we thought it would be, but all in all the body and interior look to be in good condition considering the age.
I am really impressed with the ground clearance of this van. It was sitting next to my dad's Dakota and it had more clearance. Thats should come in handy!
On the first day we installed a new set of wipers(so exciting I know).
But the power is so low. We tried to take it up a hill at 60 mph and it lost alot of speed on the relatively short hill. I'm hoping that it was just how cold it was(25 degrees).
So now we are considering an engine swap. I am leaning towards the bostig set up. The cost is high so I have done the research but have not pulled the trigger on it.

But, there are some things that need to addressed before I go forcing a new motor in the van.
My wife, dad and I are going to install a pioneer radio and major cleaning this weekend.


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