Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Fog Lights Install

I got off work early yesterday (like 11 am). Because I am a big supporter of avoiding homework,  I decided to go and work on the van.
With my tools and my dog and headed to my parent's, where the van is being stored right now.
I decided the fog lights were the project for today. So that is where I started. I ended up having to take the bumper off, the trim for the dash, and column trim. The wiring went smoothly: just follow the instructions. I found great places to run all the wires and mounted the switch in a blank whole in the dash. It looks factory this way. The mounting of the lights put up a small fight, but not too bad.
I also investigated some issues.
1). The sliding door outside handle. You had to rotate it way too far to engage. I took the door apart  and found the outside handle was broken on the inside. So, I ordered a new one.
2). The windshield sprayers did not spray, instead the fluid poured out of the grill. I did not have a tool to try and grab the hose, and the nozzles were broken. I ordered replacement nozzles as well.

I will hopefully finish the brakes this weekend. That way I can get it to my house(where all my tools are) so I can do small projects when I have time.


The puppy wants to go camping

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