Monday, March 31, 2014

Brakes episode 2

I read a great quote today. "Those who wish for the weekend are wishing their lives away". Found in the book "Drive Nacho Drive".

This vacation is the only thing I can think about lately. I'm so excited for the unknown, excited for the mountains, excited for the beach, excited to spend time with my wife, excited for the open, winding roads.
But there is a lot to do on the Westy first.

Once again, I got out of work early, so I headed to the Westy.
The project at hand was the front flex brake lines and a fluid flush. 
The flex lines went in smoothly. Until the small hard line on the left caliper snapped. I then had to run to the auto parts store again to buy a hard line and a flaring tool.
I had to make this little guy

Got the brakes flushed. One of the bleeder screws would not turn out. So there was still air in the lines. 

Then the next weekend I installed the gasket parts for the master cylinder and new bleeder screws. Bled the brakes and we have a nice solid brake pedal now. 

I got to go to a local junk yard in search of a vanagon. Luckily there was a blue 1983 transporter. It had been striped to almost nothing. But, I grabbed some nice parts and installed them all on Sunday. New tail lights fixed the lights not working. New grab handle that was missing on the passenger A pillar. New brake cap. And some new weather striping for the passenger door.

I installed the new slider door handle and greased up all the sliders and hinges.

I also restored a fog light I had laying around from one of my old jeeps.
I will mount it to the back as a rear flood light.


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