Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Last day in Taos

Our last day in Taos was a great one! 
We started our day off by hitting up the local coffee shop. This was a cool place that we grabbed some coffee and breakfast burritos for the road. We then headed up to the Taos Ski Valley up in the mountains. Our plan was to hike to William's Lake. We parked at the trail head and started our hike.  It was a 3 mile hike up the mountain. It started off pretty easy- rocked trail at a pretty good incline. Then the hard part started, SNOW. About half of the hike up was covered in about a foot of snow. Some places about 3 feet of snow. We really had to pace ourselves and be very strategic about where we stepped or your whole leg would go through the snow. This made the last half of the hike even harder than we thought it would be. To make it even harder, it started to rain :( 
We were not going to stop though.  We had made it too far to turn around.  When we finally made it to the lake, it was well worth the hike and the snow. It was gorgeous. We were at 11,040 ft!!
The hike down was easier on our bodies and our breathing, but coming down that incline on snow and ice was difficult.  Being my clumsy self, I fell down a good ten times. It was extremely technical and required a lot of time and care. Once we pasted all the snow, we all let out a little sigh of relief and continued down the trail.  We rewarded ourselves by walking over to the awesome German bar at the trail head. It was called the Bavarian and was legit German. Jason, Katie and Brad all had beers, but I was so cold that I had to have some coffee to warm me up! We enjoyed a little break and a snack and then headed back to the car.  We drove back to Jason and Katie's place and we all collapsed!  We all took a little break, got some showers and relaxed. 
We got some pizza for dinner and watched a few episodes of Orange is the New Black before going to bed.  
Brad and I had such a great time visiting our dear friends Jason and Katie. You guys showed us such a great time and we are extremely appreciative of your hospitality. We love you guys! Thanks again for everything! 

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