The Van/Home

Canyon lands 2014. They said only for offroading jeeps and trucks. Vanagons can do it too!
1984 Volkswagen Vanagon Westfalia.
Water cooled 1.9L
Automatic transmission
Air conditioning
153000 miles

Things done after purchase.
Fog lights.
New radio.
New slider door outside handle
Repainted grilles and wiper arms.
New a pillar grab handles.
Rear camp light.
New Belts
New brake flex lines.
New taillights.
New Gowesty three window tent
5" X 7" Awning (tarp)  mounts
Completely rebuilt engine with all new parts.
New water pump.
Flushed coolant system.
New o2 sensor
New mass airflow meter.
New fuel lines.
New fuel filters
New fuel tank reseal and lines

New interior fabric on seats and curtains
New foam for rear bed.

A lot of cleaning. Inside and out.

This photo is from the first day. 

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