Saturday, May 17, 2014


Well it's been awhile. A lot has changed. Let's start at the beginning. I went on the first camping trip with some friends. Sleeping and camping in the Vw was great. Driving was not. So as soon as we got back I took the van to a Vw shop. Two weeks later we have it back. With a newly rebuilt 1.9 waterboxer. It runs fantastic now. Even pulls up hills. It turns out that we were running on only 3 cylinders. And the mass air flow meter was also in bad shape. So that was replaced as well.
Although I could have done the swap myself. We did not have time for me to do this. Because we leave in less then 2 weeks!(so much to do!!!)

Although we are into this van a lot more than we wanted to be, I am happy to know the motor should(knock on wood) not give us any problems.