Thursday, June 19, 2014

Santa Maria

Yesterday morning (6/18), we woke up in our hotel room knowing that we were headed out of Ridgecrest.  The van was fixed and ready to hit the road.  We had some hotel breakfast and punched in the 4 hour drive to Santa Maria into our navigation.  We were on our way to visit our Aunt and Uncle and their kids.  I was looking forward to this stop very much!

Our drive started out with a lot of white smoke still.  The guy that worked on the van said that it might continue to smoke for a bit, but should stop after driving for a bit.  We drove for about 5 miles with smoke still coming and then the engine back fired.  This was a little unsettling.  We continued on and the van eventually stopped smoking! Woohoo!

We had a really nice and relaxing drive to the coast.  We decided to take highways instead of the freeway.  It was more scenic and we had less traffic to deal with too.  Brad was a lot less stressed out than he had been which made me so happy.

We arrived in Santa Maria around noon and made it to our family's home.  We were greeted by our loving family and their hugs were just what we needed!

After unloading our stuff, we decided it was lunch time and the only option for lunch was In N Out Burger.  Brad had NEVER had an In N Out Burger so we definitely needed to get him one asap.  We ordered our meals and enjoy our amazing lunch with our family.

We returned home and relaxed for awhile.  We watched the CWS and drank some beer with our Uncle Tim.  This was just what we needed.  After watching UC Irvine lose :(, we got into the hot tub.  We enjoyed more beer and catching up with our family.

We ended the evening by watching 21 Jump Street and snuggling up on the couch.  This relaxing night was just what we needed!

We are very happy to be here in Santa Maria and we will be here for the next few days.  We have a lot of plans including taking Brad to see the Pacific Ocean for the first time!!!

XoXo- Chelsea

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