Sunday, June 8, 2014

Long day #2

Today we were still in Highlands Ranch with our aunt and uncle.  The van is still having issues :(  Brad and Uncle Tim worked on the van for most of the day and dealt with the crummy weather that occurred.  We were having problems with the power and the gas mileage so the boys had a few things they wanted to check out.  First, they pulled the spark plugs and saw that the van was running rich.  They also pulled the O2 sensor.  This made them think to get a new O2 sensor, new spark plugs, a new coolant level sensor, and a new fuel regulator.  These parts were replaced, but the power was still lacking.  Brad has one more part that he wants to replace tomorrow morning.  We are hoping to be on the road in the morning heading to Colorado Springs to see our Aunt Melissa and Uncle Stewart.  If we notice no improvements on our one hour drive, we will be admitting defeat and taking her to a shop :(

Although the day was crummy on the van and weather end, the day with family was great.  We enjoyed a wonderful breakfast with Tim and Marylee at No No's this morning along with great conversation.  After stuffing ourselves, we returned to the house and the boys went to work on the van.  I had the privilege to keep my hands clean and stay indoors with Marylee.  I had such a great day talking with her about friends, family and our men in our lives <3.  She is one of the easiest people to talk to and is just so full of happiness.  In the garage, the boys worked hard and made several trips to several different parts stores. (7 total)  We are so unbelievably grateful for Tim.  He was so helpful today and really went above and beyond to help us out.  We are very lucky to have him.  When the boys finally called it quicks for the day, we went to 3 Margarita's to partake in some tequila and mexican food.  We enjoyed more great conversations and so many laughs.  Come to find out, King Sooper's does not have doors!!  I know!! Crazy!!! :)

Again, as we go to bed tonight we are extremely grateful for our amazing family here in Denver and looking forward to seeing more family as we move onto Colorado Springs tomorrow.

Much love - Chelsea 

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