Saturday, June 21, 2014

Santa Maria (Continued)

We are currently still in Santa Maria with our family.  We have been enjoying our stay SO much.

On Thursday, my Uncle took us to the San Luis Obispo farmers market.  We enjoyed AMAZING bbq at FireStone.  Brad and I split a pulled pork sandwich and a tri-tip sandwich.  They were so yummy.  We also had some great beers.  We then walked around the farmer's market and did a little shopping.  We went into a wonderful little boutique that was full of 50's dresses.  I could not help but try on tons of them.  I ended up buying two, wishing I was rich and could have bought an all new wardrobe :)  We had a great time walking through the market and took a trip down Bubble Gum Alley.  Fun, Fun Night!
Yesterday 6/20 was my 24th birthday and it was great!  I woke up and came downstairs to a decorated house!  My aunt is so funny!  She decorated the night before, before she went to bed.  I loved it.  My Grandma and I went out and bought everyone doughnuts and breakfast burritos.  They were so amazingly delicious.  We split up everything and ate too  much.  Brad and I then headed to Pismo Beach.  We walked along the ocean for most of the afternoon.  It was so beautiful out and I could not have asked for a better way to spend my birthday afternoon.  We then walked through the shops at Pismo and walked through the car show that was there as well.  We then stopped into Pismo Brewing Company to enjoy some beers.  We were still so full from breakfast, that we could not even think about having lunch.  We headed back to Tim and Debbie's house.  Everyone came home and hung out for a bit.  The kids had an activity to got to, so the adults had some pizza.  Brad and I ended the great day by taking a few beers out to the hot tub and relaxed.  It was a pretty wonderful day!

Today 6/21 was another fun day.  We spent the day with Uncle Tim in Slovang.  It is a really neat Danish town with amazing shops and restaurants.  We ate, shopped, and had so much fun.  We left Slovang and headed to Figueroa Mountain Brewing Company.  Their beer was truly amazing.  Some of the best beers we have had.  We tried all of their beers and enjoyed great company and conversation. We came home and Tim and Debbie made us tri-tip for dinner.  We ended the night by going to the movies.

Needless to say, we have been enjoying our time here so much!

<3 Chelsea


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