Thursday, March 13, 2014

This weekend projects.

Well this weekend came and passed. I did get the radio install done. In the world of radio installs, it was one of the worst. Someone had butchered the wiring previously. It added about an hour of work to how long it should have taken. They had more than a few wires switched. But, it is done and the radio works well. I was surprised by how good the speakers sounded.
Look at that mess!! Also, I still don't know what that switch next to the radio does.

My father then showed up right as I was finishing the radio.
We then spent about 2 hours cleaning every square inch of the van with bleach. It did wonders to how it looked on the inside, also got rid of the old, wet camper smell.

All in all it was a good day of work.
Going to put new front brakes on this Saturday. Along with rotors and wheel bearings. Brakes the most important part of a car(van). So we might as well do a brake fluid flush. 30 year old brake fluid is not o.k.!


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