Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Brakes episode 1

Well, my dad and I got the pads all installed on Sunday. The rotors and bearings look like they have been replaced recently.  But, the pedal is still spongey. We ordered the rubber flex brake lines for the front. They were looking very old and cracked.
My dad just text me tonight and said there is brake fluid on the ground, so I guess it still has some issues. 
I stopped by the local Vw dealership this afternoon. They want $20-50 for a brake resavoiur cap, depending on what one I needed. That is insane, it's a $10 part for any non-German car. 
We are going to get it registered and plated this week, so we can be legal.
I also ordered a new canvas pop top. It has three windows instead of the one. I figured the more air flow, the better. 


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